Our Staff

We have about 14 employees on a permanent basis and between 40-100 workers employed on weekly basis as and when required. Many of our staff have worked with us for several years and are well experienced in their specific field of work.

Our Machinery

Over time, MCL has developed an expansive range of plant and machinery that can be employed in all areas of their structural projects. However, in mega projects, MCL does hire equipment as need arises and when required..

Our Promise

We uphold the highest values of integrity in the work that we do. Using the latest technology and cost-effective measures, we deliver world-class services for all our clients within reasonable timeliness. We value our clients deeply.


  • Meet Client
  • Site Visit & Quotation
  • Design & Approvals
  • Building & Finishes

You have shown interest in what we do. So we show you some of the things we have done in the past, then we get to understand your specific requirements. We in short tell you what we can do for you and we give you and idea of what the final output shall be.

To get a complete view of what we shall be doing we visit the site and gather some data. This data helps us in formulating a concrete concept that we shall share with you, our client. We go through the whole contraction process in theory. Here we are able to estimate fully the cost and outline all the material needed for success of the project.

After all is set on paper and ready we embark on the designs of all structures to be built. Once the designs have been concluded we start construction. Throughout this process we closely keep our clients so that they follow and see all the requirements agreed are being adhered to.

The designs are in place and approved. Now it is time to convert some space into a place, a landmark, a structure. This is the longest process but also the most fulfilling of all for you get to see your idea come to life.